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Get rid of your cards first by putting down cards where two or more flags match the flags on the card on the table! Double-sided cards mean double the fun! All players play at once in a race to put down all of their cards.

1. Place one card on the table and share out the others - but don’t pick them up yet.

2. Flip over the central card. Players try to match two or more flags on any of their cards, naming the matching countries as they place the card down.

3. Two matches: play continues. Three matches: give a card to each of your opponents. The winner is the first player to put down all of their cards.

  • Great way to learn to recognise flags from around the world 
  • Encourages observation skills and quick reactions
  • Quick and easy to understand, great for flag lovers! 
  • Suitable for children aged 8+; fun for all the family
  • 1 or more players 
  • Made from at least 70% recycled material

Fast Flags

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